Lukas Holter

Holistic Coaching for a Better World

You are here for a reason. You love what you do, you believe in what you do – and you face challenges.

I am here for a reason – to help amazing people and initiatives to make the most of their potential.

We are not doing business as usual – our business is based on LOVE for what we do. I chose to work with people, for whom I feel a real heart connection.

I hope you do the same. From this place, I am excited to venture into a loving relationship with you – where you feel safe to grow as a holistic being.


Exploring the bigger picture to unfold your true purpose and direction for your current (ad-)ventures. Sharpen the axe – instead of chopping with a dull one.


Exploring your strengths and values, to help you with relationship, family, and personal challenges you are facing in your life.


Exploring and supporting your experiences that can’t be put into the category “heart” or “head”.


Great Leaders ask for support and take time for reflection. This can be challenging and will be rewarding. I am present with you, challenge you, and help you discover your blind spots. If you have chosen to be or become a Leader – I am here to support, an all aspects of your journey.


Who I am

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

– Nelson Mandela

About me

I am Lukas, my passion is to explore human consciousness and connections. I have been coaching, training, and consulting clients in the corporate context for over 15 years – and enjoyed holistic coaching as a side gig for many years. Now I am excited to go all in – and do more of what I really love, support conscious, inspiring, and innovative people on their way.

Everything I do is rooted in my values – this is how I strive to live life and work. I believe in these values – every day, every hour, every minute:


Love is the answer. I strive to live my life in unconditional love for myself and others – above everything else.


I don’t play games anymore. I stated what feels like my truth in any given moment – especially when it is uncomfortable.


If there is a challenge, I go for it. I believe life is about expanding your comfort zone.


I commit to share my wealth and time from an open heart without any expectations for returns.


I am grateful for my life. I commit to cultivate this attitude – in every moment and for every experience.


I open up to others – as this is the base for any relationship. I openly share my feelings and thoughts – and am OK with making myself vulnerable.


Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner (CPD)

Dipl. Economics and Computer Science + M.Sc. Psychology

Systemic Business Coach (DNLPCV, certified DIN-ISO 9001:2015)

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (RYT 500)

Multimodal Stressrelease Trainer (certified §20 SGB V)

Years of Teaching Yoga & Meditation
Years of Coaching & Leadership Development
Trainings and Workshops Facilitated

Yoga Teacher Training

Deutscher Standard Pravention

Positive Psychology Practitioner


Embassador for Ceremonial Cacao

ᛜ Blockchain enthusiast, investor, and supporter

ᛜ Founding Member – Proof of Good DAO

ᛜ Psychedelic Research & Integration Coaching

ᛜ Public Speaking


Let's talk about it



Generosity is one of my core values. Therefore I offer my services for free, for exchange, or on a sliding scale. I like to pay forward, my service is a gift for you – depending on how you value our work, and your available resources, you are welcome to gift back. Let’s connect and find our way to create a WIN-WIN-WIN, for you-me-and the world.







"I am still very inspired and moved by the incredible coaching that I was able to have with you. With your warm, appreciative and empathetic manner, you immediately managed to create a trusting atmosphere in which I had the feeling that I could tell everything and that I was accepted. With topics and questions that have preoccupied me for a long time and where I felt I was stuck, you helped me with your questions and food for thought that something has moved inside me and that I can now see a way ahead of me again - for it I am indescribably grateful!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your authentic, warm, sensitive and contagiously enthusiastic manner, the honest listening, the food for thought and inspiration ... Thank you for this healing and wonderful experience, thank you for your being!"

Laura Fiedler

"My coaching with Lukas was just on point. It was clear from the start that the solution to my so-called problem was up to me. With this knowledge we playfully, almost prancing, came closer and closer to its cause until finally a solution was revealed, namely my own.

I am very impressed by Lukas' way of conducting discussions and his honest curiosity. During the whole session I felt very well taken care of and accepted what I feel, think and say."

Michael Levit

"Sometimes you open the door to the seminar room, see the lecturer and would like to turn around again because the aura is wrong. The door opened for you and I knew immediately: “I like him!” With your honest, heartfelt manner, you know not only to take your participants on a journey to yourself, but also to inspire them. The hours went by so quickly that I didn't even look at my watch before you finished the course because of the time. The content is super interesting and exciting and you built it up very well. The highlight was of course the trance journey for me. To be completely honest, I didn't think it would work. But then things turned out differently. As a result, I came a little closer to myself again.
Thank you for the experience and for sharing your personality with us."

Nadine Becker

"My first yoga session. Thank you Lukas. It was so wonderful to feel, I remember exactly. Even today, a few years later. And you say to the group: You are just as right as you are. Perfect. Thank you. Thanks. This sentence accompanies me. My life. Every day. And today.
You are such a great asset to me & so many. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Eva Lara Gehard

Let’s make this world a better place!

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